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Drastic energy savings is the immediate homeowner benefit when Momper Insulation re-insulates an existing home.

Re-insulating your home is the most effective way of controlling your heating and cooling costs. By adding insulation to your walls, ceilings, crawl space or attic, you can increase R-values and maximize your insulation efficiency.

The insulation professionals at Momper Insulation will evaluate your current insulation effectiveness and recommend the best insulation application for your particular type of home. As an added bonus, our re-insulation process will not leave any unsightly holes in your brick, aluminum, vinyl or wood siding.

Brick Home

Aluminum Siding

Wood Siding

Foam / AirInfiltrationSeal

Homeseal NoiseAirInfiltrationSeal

Homeseal N.A.I.S. (Noise Air Infiltration Seal) is a spray-in-place rigid urethane insulation that provides an effective barrier between walls, ceilings, and windows of new homes and the elements. The quick liquid application transforms into a solid, seamless plastic shell of insulation. Polyurethane foam will not settle, weighs very little and has regression capabilities. It adheres to almost any surface; wood, metal, plastic, and construction materials. Best of all, it can be applied year round to any new home structure.

Benefits of Homeseal N.A.I.S

  • Stops air infiltration; no air leaks occur around windows, floor boards or electrical outlets
  • Reduces noise penetration from the outside
  • Highest R Value per inch for insulation products (6.8)
  • Seals all cracks and crevices
  • Does not settle
  • Increases value/resale of home
  • Lowers heating bills
  • Lowers electrical bills for air conditioning
  • Lowers the convection rate; less baking and freezing of home
  • Increases living comfort
  • Enables easier control of humidity, dust and temperature
  • Strengthens overall structure when sealed
  • Retards insect penetration into the home
  • Seals cracks from unwanted odor penetration
  • Maximizes payback on the investment of the insulation

Homeseal N.A.I.S seals tightly around inside areas of the home, eliminating unwanted drafts. Check out other ways Homeseal totally seals common building framework within the home.

Homeseal N.A.I.S is Safe

Rigid polyurethane is a closed cell product and gives off no toxic fumes or odors. It contains no urea formaldehyde. The homeseal N.A.I.S product has been tested and classified by the Underwriters Laboratory (ASTM E84) and meets necessary building code requirements. Though Homeseal N.A.I.S seals out water and air, it still allows vapor to pass through preventing a vapor build-up within the wall cavity.

In addition to new home construction, other applications for Homeseal N.A.I.S include existing house walls, pole barns, crawl spaces, attics, commercial spaces, vans, trailers, and boats.

For more information and a quote on your next Homeseal job, CALL the ABAA Certified (Air Barrier Association of America) professionals at Momper Insulation at 260-432-7543.

Residential Insulation

With a complete line of the highest quality products available, Momper Insulation has combined their years of experience with tried, tested, and approved products that perform. Momper Insulation has teamed up with some of the most prominent insulation manufacturers in the world, to assure our customers have the most reliable and appropriate solutions for their insulation needs. But we don't just look for our customer to be happy. We look to create a comfortable, efficient home that satisfies generations to come. As part of various organizations that strive for continued improvement, Momper Insulation is at the cornerstone of understanding how new technology works, how to improve current insulation products, and the most effective installation methods.

We are experts in foam, batts, blown and rigid insulation; so whether you require prescriptive or performance code compliance, we can help design a home insulation solution to create efficiency using a method that is within your budget.

CALL Momper Insulation at 260-432-7543.

Commercial Insulation

Momper Insulation has the experience you can count on. Well trained and fully resourced, our Professional Commercial Team understands the value of every day. Finishing the job on time, on budget, safely, and correctly is our highest priority. At Momper Insulation, we also understand the added complexities of commercial insulation projects and stay well informed of the changing codes and UL guidelines. We are always just a phone call away and want to make sure the job we do, for you, helps secure your next project.

Whether your commercial space is new or already existing, we can do it all with a proven expertise in foam, batts, and blown insulation, as well as Rockwood fire blankets, fireproofing, and sound control with spray-on acoustical system. We also offer metal building insulation systems for existing buildings.

CALL Momper Insulation at 260-432-7543.

Wall Spray Insulation

The natural way to insulate your home

The superior performance of wall spray insulation provides you with comfort, protection, value and a responsibly "green" choice for your home and the environment.


Wall spray insulation tightens up buildings against air infiltration. In addition, wall spray insulation provides "whisper quiet" walls, making your home even more comfortable with its superior sound deadening qualities.


Insulating your home's walls with wall spray insulation will reduce your winter heat bills and your summer cooling costs. Wall spray insulation is one of the few products you can install in your home that will actually pay for itself. Cellulose fiber (wall spray insulation) insulates three ways. The wood fiber walls are a superior insulator to man-made fibers. In addition, it also traps air spaces between the fibers to buffer the flow of warm air, and also has a hollow fiber that resists the transfer of heat. These three methods give cullulose a real advantage over other products.

The Green Choice

Wall spray insulation is kind to the environment. Our products are manufactured from 100% recycled fibers, reducing the largest single component of the residential waste stream. Cellulose requires much less energy to manufacture than mineral fibers, reducing the strain on our natural resources.

Spray-On Fireproofing

Momper Insulation is a licensed spray-on contractor for United States Mineral Products Company and also for W.R. Grace Fireproofing Products. Our services also include providing intumescent paint over red iron oxide or foam. We have qualified estimators and experienced applicators to handle all your fireproofing needs.

Whether your specs require one hour, two hour, or three hour fireproofing applications, Momper Insulation has you covered. Plus, at Momper Insulation we have our own fleet of trucks, so there's never a hold-up getting the right products to your job site on time. We are capable of answering any question that you might have on fireproofing. We consult our manufacturer direct to make sure you're getting the right protection.

For more information and a quote on your next fireproofing job, CALL Momper Insulation at 260-432-7543.

Shelving Systems

Making the most of closet and storage space is a Momper Insulation specialty. By partnering with the biggest names in the industry, we're able to offer you the largest range of quality closet and shelving options. From design to installation, we offer solutions to help you help homeowners get organized and stay organized. From laminate systems with high-end wood finishes to highly functional ventilated systems, we have it all! Did you know that using ventilated shelving can save you 30-60% over laminate? Get in touch with us for more planning and cost-saving organizational solutions.

Throughout the home and garage, you'll be glad you trusted Momper Insulation as your custom shelving experts.

Whether you need standard storage or custom designed shelves, closets or drawers installed, we can help. Our professionals will help you every step of the way - CALL Momper Insulation at 260-432-7543.


If you want to install new mirrors in your home, you’ve come to the right place! Our mirrors literally reflect our commitment to quality. So, no matter where you need a mirror in your home, there's only one name you need to know: Momper Insulation. We design and install mirrors for every part of the home, from bathrooms to exercise rooms. From standard sizes to custom cuts, we have the perfect mirror for you. Tell us the size, type, shape and edge you want and we'll create a quality mirror application. Need a new mirror specifically cut to allow for lights and outlets? No problem.

CALL Momper Insulation at 260-432-7543.

Shower Doors

From simple sliding doors to the most complex designs, Momper Insulation has the shower door you're looking for. We offer one of the largest assortments in the shower and bath industry. All shower doors and enclosures are manufactured with the highest quality materials; and all are professionally installed, so you can provide homeowners ease of maintenance and years of beauty and reliability

Our experienced craftsmen can custom design and install virtually any type of finish or glass shower door or enclosure. Choose the size, style and type of glass. We can custom cut your shower door or enclosure to your exact specifications.

Whether you are a homebuilder looking to install multiple shower doors or a homeowner who needs a single shower enclosure, we can help! At Momper Insulation, we custom design, install and replace shower doors throughout the United States. CALL Momper Insulation at 260-432-7543.


Builders and home owners alike recognize the importance of preventing moisture infiltration and insulating the foundation walls from the temped exterior underground. Utilizing some of the best waterproofing applicators, Momper Insulation understands the local building requirements, offers excellent service, and we stand behind our work. Poured or block, our waterproofing system seamlessly seals and insulates the home, providing comfort and peace of mind. Momper Insulation proudly offers the biggest names in waterproofing products, to ensure your home is protected for years to come.

When comparing our waterproofing system to standard damp proofing, you'll enjoy the following benefits when you work with Momper Insulation:

  • Better performance on the wall
  • Provides improved operational efficiency
  • Keeps basement/crawl spaces drier

CALL Momper Insulation at 260-432-7543.

Insulation Removal

Momper Insulation Removal Service

Fast, effective removal of attic insulation damaged by...

  • Fire
  • Smoke
  • Water
  • Mildew
  • Animal feces

Avoid the mess and potential danger of cleaning up damaged insulation! Momper's professional removal service will safely extract ceiling insualtion and transfer the material to outisde containers or special disposable bags.

CALL Momper Insulation at 260-432-7543.

Torch Award

Momper Insulation is honored to be a recipient of The Torch Awards Centennial Celebrity

The Better Business Bureau serving Northern Indiana (BBB) established the annual Torch Award for Marketplace Trust program in 2006 to celebrate and publicly recognize for-profit companies and non profit organizations that maintain a solid commitment to ethical business practices, setting ethics, honesty and integrity as the standard for the way they do business. The recipients must meet certain criteria and they are selected by an independent committee separate from the BBB or its Board of Directors.

Pictured from left to right: Kevin Hunter, Windows Doors and More (sponsor), Matt Momper, Charles Momper, and BBB CEO Michael Coil


More than just insulators...


  • Founder of International Council on Active Aging (ICAA)
  • Active member of the Home Builders Association (HBA)
  • Codes Committee
  • Allen County Building Department

Outside Activities

  • Church affiliations
  • Coaching
  • Ball State University Board of Trustees
  • Steven Ministries
  • Mad Ants

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Momper Insulation Offers A Variety Of Insulation Alternatives

Our professional installers are thoroughly trained and familiar with all the newest insulating materials and application methods. New home, commercial applications or retrofit, Momper Insulation is the name to remember. Insist on the best for your insulation investment…Momper Insulation.

New Home

Momper Insulation has over 60 years of meeting contractors' demands for quality, professional insulation. Whether installing fiberglass batts or spray insulation, reliability, superior workmanship and value are watchwords for every new home we insulate.


Momper Insulation serves the commercial construction industry with the latest in industrial insulation products including the licensed application of CAFCO Blazeshield Fireproofing.


Momper Insulation's quality workmanship results in an excellent weather seal, with a minimum of cosmetic alteration of the home's exterior. This includes brick, wood, aluminum or vinyl sided homes.

Drastic reduction in heating and cooling costs are immediate homeowner benefits with existing home re-insulation. Blown-in cellulose for sidewall or attic-crawlspace basement batt applications can raise R-factors and save energy dollars for the homeowner.

Momper Insulation Covers All Your Insulation Needs

Our insulation experts are constantly monitoring the industry to bring you the latest innovations in product and applications. Remember, insulation is all we do.. and we do it better than anyone else.

  • Homeseal Noise, Air Infiltration Seal Polyurethane Foam Spray
  • Fiberglass Batt Insulation
  • Cellulose, Fiberglass, Mineral and Rockwool Blowing Wools
  • Wall Spray Cellulose
  • Fireproofing - CAFCO Blazeshield
  • K-13 Spray Sound Control
  • Thermafiber Rigid Batts
  • Insulation Removal
  • Intumescent Paint
  • Removal
  • Waterproofing

Indiana Branches

Momper Insulation has been servicing Indiana's residential and commercial building needs since 1956. Today their reputation for quality products, expert advice and team work has made Momper Insulation the largest independent insulator in Indiana.

Momper Insulation 's commitment to their customers, energy conservation and environmental issues has kept them at the forefront of the industry.

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